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3500LL settings

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hey folks. finally got my 2 gig 3500LL. Very happy with it. anyway, I am trying

to zero in on max stability with my system. my goal was a mild overclock.

The system seems stable, but last night far cry ctd on me. no error

message, nothing. Now I was running a mod for the game. It then ran for

the next two hours, no issues. Anyway, I can't pinpoint if the crash was hardware/settings related or game related so I thought I would check on my ram settings with you guys:





rest of settings on auto

all at ddr454


My questions are:


1)-should I bump the vdimm to 2.75?

2)-Is it ok to have all the other settings on auto?

Or should some of these settings be manually

set and if so which ones?


The rest of my system is:


fx 53 @ 2.5 ghz


x1900xtx-689 core/792 memory


System has been through a couple short runs of prime95 and memtest86.

As well as 3dmark2001, 3dmark2005, coh bench and fear bench. none of these stability/bechmark tests have yielded any crashes, errors with settings

mentioned above. Though coh did lock up my pc the other day but that

seemed to be video related.


Thanks for any input.:D:

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