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P5N32-SLI Premium + CM2X1024-6400 x 2


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Well, with 4 DIMMs, you have a tremendous chipset load and therefore any OCing will be limited. And, when mixing revisions as you have, you may get instability or limited OCing.


As to the 590 chipset, unfortunately it is not OCing very well. I have seen your issue more than once and it seems to be a chipset limitation, especially with 4 DIMMs.



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I personally cannot authorize an RMA for 2 seperate sets of modules that run at their specified speeds/timings. You are welcome to contact customer support and see if they can help you out. This typically applies to 2 modules, not 4 so I cannot guarantee that they will be able to help. Refer them to this thread.


Thanks, Mike.


form or all of your info name address and phone# and the Module part# and copy the link to this post and email it to Rma@corsairmemory.com.

If after 1 day or 24 hours excluding weekends you do not get the RMA please email the same to warranty@corsairmemory.com and we will help to resolve it.

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