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Complete information about VS512MB400


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I want to sell my old memory and the person who's gonna buy it has an IBM ThinkCentre A30 8191.

I wonder if he may use this memory VS512MB400; I read at IBM site, that the memory the system may receive is this


Performance specifications as known at time of announcement


* PC2700 DDR SDRAM Memory Upgrade: The 2700 is a figure derived from twice the memory-side bus clock frequency (166 MHz x 2; data transfers can occur on both edges of the clock) times the module data width (64 bits / 8 bits/byte = 8 bytes) = 2,656, rounded = 2,700. This is the maximum data rate; the units are MBps.

* Column Address Strobe (CAS) Latency (CL) of 2.5 (memory bus clock cycles).

* Non-parity mode organized as 16M x 64, 32M x 64, and 128M x 64 respectively.

* Serial presence detect.

* 184-pin JEDEC/EIA standard UDIMM interface.

* Gold-plated leads.



So, the question is if my Corsair memory complies with these requirements. And also, as far as I know the memory underclocks itself to be compatible with PC 2700 or PC2100 Memory. Is this true?


Any help will be REALLY appreciated

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