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Memory causing crashes at high temperature

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For the last few years i have been running a pair of 512mb sticks, the 1GByte TwinX Matched Memory Pair according to the package. A couple months ago my computer started crashing now and then because of memory errors. This became more and more frequent as time went on. After a week or two it got bad enough that i could not run the computer for more than 15 minutes without it crashing, so i removed first one then the other stick of memory to see which had the problem. I figured out which it was, and to further make sure that it was bad i ran a simple memory test that turned up thousands of errors. One of the sticks seems to be working just fine (running off it by itself while i type this) but i need my full gig of ram since i am an avid gamer. I would like to send in for the warrenty but the directions said to post here first. I am fairly confident that this is not a bios issue however.
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