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Dear RAM Guy


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The problem:


I was running an ABIT KN9 vanilla board w/ a pair of CORSAIR TWIN2X1024A-6400 DDR2 RAM and experiencing repeated reboots once Windows XP was installed, lockups, and black screens of death. I was told with the vanilla KN9 board I should've downgraded the RAM to 667mhz, which was odd since the specifications state it works with DDR2-800. However....


What I've Done:


My new mainboard: GA-M55plus-S3G

I replaced ALL the components in the PC except the CPU and the RAM. I'm curious about whether I indeed need to tweak my BIOS settings to make this RAM run at DDR2-800. I've read the reviews at NewEgg and asked my local store and they've all said the RAM, simply plugged into the mainboard, should run at default settings (listed as NORMAL on the mainboard BIOS) with absolutely no issues. Yet here I am, a week and a half and several new parts later, with no working PC.


I also wanted to mention on the Gigabyte specifications page that the board "Supports 1.8V DDR2 DIMMs" yet the Corsair model pair I have runs at 1.9V with standard latency settings of 5-5-5-12? Is Gigabyte wrong about their compatibility chart? It looks like the maximum voltage my board will do is 1.8 but the RAM runs at 1.9? Do I need new RAM? What kind of performance will I see if I have DDR2-800 RAM but I underclock it? Should I buy a DDR 667 pair and forgo any thoughts of DDR 800 despite the board saying otherwise?


I'm so confused, I've been reading these board for days with no luck. I just wanted to build a working system :(




Bios version is F5 and date is 8/9/06

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