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After running MemTest86, bad memory?


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I've had frequent video and sound freezes when running Flight Sim X, which pushes my system hard. Also had the same (less often though) when playing other graphics intensive simulations. (specs below)


I changed out my PSU from a 350W to 500W, knowing that I should have done this anyway at the start. When running my system with the case off to check the fans were all operating, I noted the one of my twin sticks (Corsair TWINX 3500LL 2*1GB) was hotter than the other- so hot that I couldn't touch it for more than a few seconds without getting burned. FSX was running at the time too (and yes, freezing).


I ran MemTest86, and all went OK until I got into the 32-bit pattern tests, then the red data fields began streaming down the screen. The test finally hung at 2047M, in the 108K-2048KM test, with a note "Unexpected Interrupt, Halting".


I assume this is a bad memory stick? I've never had one before, which may be lucky as I've built many systems.


AMD 64*2 4500+ / ASUS A8N32-SLI / Corsair TWINX 3500LL 2*1GB / nVidia 7600GT, 256M / WinXP Home.


The Mobo and memory were shipped together and supposedly tested.


Thanks, Bruce.

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