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Windows Protection Error


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Tried several months ago to upgrade my Asus A7M266 Rev. 1.04 W98 system from 256mb ram to 1GB ram by purchasing two Corsair VS512MB400 chips. Either of the VS512MB400 chips works perfectly in Dimm slot one as long as Dimm slot 2 is not populated. Adding the second VS512MB400 to Dimm slot 2 generates a "windows protection error" prior to loading the W98 desktop. One of the VS512MB400 chips is lot 0527012-0, the other is lot #0529067-0. The Dimms are different heights (0527012 is 3.0 mm high, 0529067 is 3.2mm high) though everything else about them and their packaging appears to be identical. This behavior seems to point to a bad MB (second Dimm slot?) but I was hoping for another solution. Comments or suggestions appreciated.
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