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Bios Error with HX620

A. King

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I replaced an old sparkle 300w power supply with your HX620W supply and received a bios error for voltage


3.3 -> 3.47

5 -> 4.89

12 -> 12.86

-12 -> -12.07

-5v -> -6.14 *** (red)


System: Asus P3C200, Pentium 3 1.4ghz, 1gb corsair memory


At the same time as replacing the PSU I replaced the video card with a new gigabyte 7600gs AGP but now experience video corruption and lock ups.


There is a previous post below about -6.14 voltage which I didn't understand - could you explain again. Note that voltages were read correctly with the old Sparkle 300w psu.


Is the PSU bad and causing the video card failure or is the fault with the new video card?



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To be honest, I would not recommend most power supply units which have multiple +12V rails on any older system which draws a lot of power from the +5V rail but relatively little power from the +12V rail(s), such as your system. (Pentium III platforms do not make much use of the +12V rails, relying more on the +5V rail.) However, the Corsair PSU has relatively little capacity on the +5V rail but a lot of capacity on the +12V rail(s), making it a poor match for anything older than a Pentium 4 platform. And that 12.86V reading on the +12V is outside the +/-5% tolerance range (which means that the reading should be between 11.4V and 12.6V). But all bets are off if you're just reading the voltages in the BIOS or software; such readings can be notoriously inaccurate.
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