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Possibly another bad stick of XMS 3200?

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I recently submitted an RMA for a bad XMS 3200 1 gig stick. You guys replaced the part very promptly (thanks), but interestly enough, it proved not to be the end of my troubles.


Earlier, one of my 2 XMS modules had gone bad (after running fine in my computer for a year). The machine wouldn't post with the bad module, but posted just fine with its pair. I ran with the working pair module for about a week while I waited for you to ship the replacement. During this time, I noticed no problems whatsoever.


So, I got the replacement stick, popped it in, booted into Windows and immediately started getting messages about bad file reads and writes, bad registry reads and writes. After about 10 minutes, Windows stopped responding completely, then failed to load upon reboot, complaining of missing system files!


I could only operate the system (and reload Windows), by removing the replacement stick. During the day, I tried the usual culprits. I checked memory timings to make sure they were correct. I checked both of my DIMM slots. My computer works just fine with the known good DIMM in either of my 2 DIMM slots by itself. The computer only exhibits problems when the replacement DIMM is in either slot. This is the same if it is paired up or if it is in by itself. Behavior is the same in either DIMM slot. So, I'm 99.99% sure it's not a bad DIMM slot.


One thing I did notice is that the replacement ram you sent me is of a different revision than my working DIMM. My working DIMM IS "XMS3200v5.1" whereas the replacement DIMM is "XMS3200V4.1". I wonder if my motherboard has issues with this particular revision.


Would it be possible to get a replacement of the replacement with the 5.1 revision number?


Thanks in advance!



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