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1gb Flash Voyager


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I just got my 1gb flash voyager in the mail. Plugged it into the computer and it froze my computer so i unplugged it and restarted the computer. Once the computer restarted i plugged it in again and got a prompt that there was an error with new hardware installation and the device may not work correctly. So i restarted again and went to unplug the drive and noticed the drive was extremely hot. Hot enough that i couldn't hold the drive and had to leave it lay ont he desk for a bit. Needless to say i don't want to plug this drive back into my computer.
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I have a different problem with my 1gig flash drive. I've had mine for about a month now and have been using it quite frequently (I usually keep it around my neck). Recently I put it into what must have been a tight USB port and when I pulled it out, the head came off. Its still useable if I mannually hold the connector pins together, but I am hoping warrenty covers this.
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I got my replacement in the mail today and it did the exact same thing as the first. I even plugged this one into a different computer first. The computer saw the drive and said the device malfunctioned and was unable to install. The suggestion was to unplug it and try it again. So i unplugged it and like the first drive it was almost to hot to touch.
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Hi, I bought Flash Voyager 1Gb 4 days ago. But the performance is really slow.

I benchmarked the UFD using SiSoft Sandra, and it indicates for reading around 900KB/s, but for writing only 170KB/s.


I already reformatted it several times using FAT, FAT32 & NTFS, but no luck.


I tried to copy a huge file (700 MB), and it took around 15 mins (I forgot the exact time, but it's very long) to complete.


Please help, is my Voyager defect ?

FYI, I'm using a Pentium 4 3.0 GHz, 512 MB RAM, OS Windows XP Pro.

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Hi RAM Guy,


Before I order a replacement, I'd like to show u the latest benchmark after I reformatted my 1GB Voyager using FAT32.

I used SiSoft Sandra, and here's the result


512B Files Test

Read Performance : 18025 operation(s)/min (150 kB/sec, 0x)

Write Performance : 122 operation(s)/min (1041 bytes/sec)


32kB Files Test

Read Performance : 10322 operation(s)/min (5505 kB/sec, 31x)

Write Performance : 119 operation(s)/min (63 kB/sec, 0x)


256kB Files Test

Read Performance : 3051 operation(s)/min (13018 kB/sec, 73x)

Write Performance : 78 operation(s)/min (333 kB/sec, 1x)


2MB Files Test

Read Performance : 446 operation(s)/min (15223 kB/sec, 86x)

Write Performance : 27 operation(s)/min (922 kB/sec, 5x)


64MB Files Test

Read Performance : 14 operation(s)/min (15292 kB/sec, 86x)

Write Performance : 2 operation(s)/min (2185 kB/sec, 12x)


I wonder if the benchmark data shows normal transfer rate, or is it abnormal ?

Please kindly help. If it is abnormal, then I will use the RMA Request Form.



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