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Overclocked memory setup for XMS8500C5


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hi all. I'm new to this overclocking, just put together my system. I currently have the FSB set at 355MHz, which gives me as FSB freq. of 1420MHz. The memory is set at 1065MHz in the bios, CPU-Z reports 533MHz with FSB/RAM multiplier of 2/3x, and settings of 5-5-18-5. CPU-Z also shows the SPD timings table for module, but they are different from each other.


module1: 270MHz @ 4-4-4-13-15 400MHz @ 5-5-5-18-22

module2: 66MHz @ 0-5-5-17-17-2T 533MHz @ 0-5-5-15-30-2T



does this setup sound correct?

why are the timing tables different for each module?


forgot to mention the CPU Intel Core 2 Duo E6600



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Have you tried the modules one at a time? And did you purchase these as a set or two single modules?


I bought these a a 2gb kit 2X2048. Further reading about the motherboard have state it will only support the PC6400 memory module. Did I get the wrong modules? I will check each module individually and post back.

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I tested each module individually. I got 270 and 400MHz reported back for both modules when inserted seperately. Swapped which sockets they where in and reinstalled the pair. Module #1-270 & 400MHZ Module #2-66 & 533MHz, same as before. So where od I go from here?
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