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DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-d w/ cmx1024-3200c2pt


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I've had the a rig with a DFI LanPart UT nF4 Ultra-d and a stick of cmx1024-3200c2pt for over a year now. Has worked great. However i've wanted to upgrade to 2 gigs so i finally bought another stick of the cmx1024-3200c2pt. I didn't realize there were newer "versions" out. My old stick is 1.2 and the one i just got is 2.2. So maybe i can't run them in dual channel so i can live with that, maybe i'll give the stick to a friend. However, i tested just running the new stick in my rig and windows won't boot. It keep restarting the computer before it can boot windows. When i return the old RAM to the same slot and remove the new stick it works fine. Perhaps i have some bad RAM? Or is there some kind of compatibility issue? Any help? Is it even possible to get the old v1.2 anymore if i was had to exchange this new stick for a working one?
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