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Hello, I have a question that hopefully I can get cleared up here.


I am about to start building a new system (as soon as my case, PSU and HDD arrive), but something came up that I am not sure about.


I have an ASUS mobo P5N32 - SLI SE Deluxe which supports DDR2 667 (PC5300) and I mistakenly bought DDR2 800 (PC6400) memory. Will my memory work, but just at 667 MHz? Or is it completely incompatible and I should exchange it??


Also, I read somewhere that XP has issues recognizing over 3 GB RAM. Since I don't remember when or where I read this, I am wondering whether it is still an issue and I should get XP 64 bit for my 4 GB.


Any help in these matters will be greatly appreciated.



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