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Mixing CM72SD512RLP-3200/CM72SD512ARLP-3200


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I have a server running a TYAN motherboard, model S2895A2NRF. It currently has 4 x 512MB RAM sticks from Corsair, model: CM72SD512RLP-3200 in it. I'm looking to add 4 more, except the model seems to be being phased out by model: CM72SD512ARLP-3200.


The difference between the two is the old model is 2.5V, new model is 2.6V. Old model is 2 ranks of 32Mx8, new model is 1 rank of 64Mx8.


Should adding 4 more new model sticks into the server cause me any conerning?


FWIW, TYAN told me to contact Corsair.

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