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Asus P5b-vm & Twin2x1024a-6400


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Hello I am getting ready to build my first SFF (Micofly) RIG and trying to get my list of parts completed. After reading many threads here and elsewhere, Im not sure if the "ASUS P5B-VM MOBO and Corsair TWIN2X1024A-6400 MEM" will work togther without issues. This will be either an Intel E6400 or E6600 if that helps.


Now I did see some threads on the subject but no one really said if it compatable or not, and or what is needed to make it work.


1. Is this pair of memory compatable with this mobo?

2. Since 1.8V requirement on the mobo, do I need to adjust the setting in the BIOS to 1.9V to make it work correctly? Or can I just drop them them in, without any BIOS adjustments?


I see here, on the forums, there is an issue with 4gig's of ram, but I only see me upgrading to 2 gigs in the future (buying another pair of Corsair TWIN2X1024A-6400). I thank you in advance for an official reply whether or not this memory will work. I'm also going to look at other Mobo's just in case.

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