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Dead Ram? 2x512MB in ASROCK mobo


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I bought a TWINX1024-3200C2 (2x 512MB modules) kit about 18 months ago. It ran fine in my ASUS board for 12 months, before I replaced it with 2x1GB. I then put the ram into an older machine with an ASROCK mobo, that had previously been running 1x 512MB.


It's been there for ~6months, and then last week the computer started locking up. After a short while, the computer wouldn't boot up, and I was just getting 3 long beeps. I looked on the web and found that 3 beeps means a memory error.


So I tried it with the old generic RAM - it worked fine. After 3 hours of memtesting, there were no errors, so I figured it was fine.Then I tried one of the corsair sticks - it passed 6 hours of memtesting with no errors. Then i tried the other corsair stick. The computer wouldn't even POST - just three beeps. I can put either of the other sticks back in, but it will not POST with that stick of RAM.


So I just want to know what to do from here regarding warranty? On the corsair website it says this kit has a lifetime warranty.




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