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Giga GA-K8NE won't boot in DDR400 speed


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Per the GB manual, I need SS memory modules to get DDR400, I currently get with two DS ram modules only DDR 300,


Which of the Corsair products are manufactured as SS...that are suitable with the MB.


Has there also been any performance tests done, i searched and couldn't find any...


thanks in advance



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the GA-K8NE manual is conflicting, on page 10, under the feature summary, they HAVE a Footnote, saying that "...The DDR400 speed will drop down to DDR333 if you install two double side DDR400 memory modules..." Hence the information reguest for SS modules.


What have others folks been able to do with Giga-byte based boards with AMD 64 and the respective chipsets...


I did have the mm is Slot 1 &2, and then moved them to 1 & 3, and still getting only DDR 333 speed.


Welcome any further thoughts or comments...

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