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memory problem


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I am also having problems with this motherboard. I suspect RAM issues (Thats why I'm here). Memory auto registers as 667 DDR2 Single channel.


Tried Dual Channel, Single Channel, AI Clock, Strandard Clock, Manual Clock, Manual 533 clock, Currently working through voltages. Sofar not stable under load.


Vendor supplied 2 x 512M DDR2 memory chips in kit but no indications on them what model they are (onboard SMchips are Corsair x 8 MII00620).


System crashes with same symptoms as this thread when under load (Company of Heros, Battlegrounds etc). Memtest does not show any issues when left to run overnight.

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System seems stable at present with RAM running at 1.9V on my M2N4-SLI Mobo at 667 spec.


Only markings are the ones on the circuit board and chips. There is no sticker or other identification.


The arrangement is 8 chips, single sided.

Chip markings are Corsair MII00620 64M8EC

Board markings are LEVIN D28818A, D2S810 Rev A, E251244

Sold with Ram Guy card in plastic cover with sticker (hand written). When removed card has a part number for wrong type (VS1GB44C3 - not DDR2 from web pages). System recognises DDR2 667, 2 x 512M running in Single Channel.

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Unfortunately the mobo does not have anything higher than 1.95V.

While this has improve the stability it still will crash occasionally under load with the games.


Faulty Memory or wrong memory ? DDR2 is 1.8V memory correct ?

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