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Bad cm72sd1024rlp-3200/s?


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I've filled in my profile with the specs of my system.

I think something about my system has been flakey all along.

when the MB would boot, it would always hesitate when checking memory at about 3152 of memory, but then continue onto 4096.


I also had intermittent freeze ups that reseting was the only way to recover from...


Recently though the machine refused to boot.

It froze in the memcheck at 51.

I removed one stick of memory and it immediately started to boot again, although it only showed 1024 of memory. Shuffling around the remaining 3 sticks got me back to 2048.


I'd like to get my system back to 4096.

when I initially encountered this problem, I downloaded and ran memtest86 with no problem.


The system is stock, I've done no tweaking any way... I've not updated bios, etc... everything is still vanilla...


Running with just 2048 has been stable with no problems since I removed the one stick.


The stick I currently have removed from the system has the following information on it's label:





0611047-0 -704423


Any guidance would be appreciated.


Morgan Jones

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