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Corsair 1 GB module: don't know if it's unbuffered


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Hey everyone,

just had a Corsair VS1GSDS667D2 1 GB PC2-5300 DDR2 SDRAM module sent to me by an online co. called ZipZoomFly.com. The price was right, and the mnf'r gets rave reviews, so I went ahead. It's for my iMac Intel (early 2006 model), which currently has 512 MB RAM, but which desperately needed a boost in proc. speed.


Only thing is it didn't fit too well in either my top-or bottom-slots, and after turning my iMac on with it in, the screen remained blank. I took the new module out. (I didn't damage it, but it was extremely hard to take it out). Now i am trying to find out whether or not my iMac supports this module. All the specs said it would --in fact, this type apparently is the ONLY kind which is compatible.

Does anyone know if I have a buffered or unbuffered module, and whether or not it \is "non-parity". It's 200-pin, which is what I need, but apparently it MUST be unbuffered and non-parity. If I have the wrong one, I can send it back for the right one, correct?





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