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Sytem unstable have tu run corsair 250mhz ram at 100?


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I have 4 of the same ram Corsair CMX512-4000, they all run fine on my old DFI lanparty nforce3 mobo at 250mhz (ran mem86 10 hours). On my new mobo they run at no higher than 166mhz and is still wery unstable at 100mhz with cpu running underclocked at 4x=800mhz, marginaly worse with cpu running stock 2,4ghz. I have tryed running 1, 2 and 4 chips and it runs more unstable with more ram inserted. I have also tryed running 2 chips as single channel. Im have had similar problems with another A-Bit mobo earlyer with the same ram chips.


At full load running prime95 on both cores running 2,4ghz temperatures in celcius are as follows: cpu 41, system 29, pwm 44.



I have Installed xp64 from difrent cd`s on formated drives 3 times, works fine a few hours and then gets gradualy more unstable with bluescreens and reboots.


This system is a partly newbuild, new parts are:


Gainward GeForce 7950GT 512MB,1,4ns DDR3


A-Bit AN8 32X


AMD Opteron 180


Do anyone have a clue what is the problem, ram,mobo or what?

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