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Ram is too slow


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Hello I've recently bought a second ram:


CMX512-3200 C2 PT




I have a first one with the same naming, maybe another version and the number below is probably different, running at 400MHz. The one named on top can only be run with 333MHz, why that? I tried many things to get it to run, like using another memory row or resetting the BIOS. I even tried to enforce 400MHz with Timings of 2.5-3-3-8. But than the compoter didn't start and I had to clear the CMOS.


So what might be the problem??

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You cannot mix memory with the MB you have listed in your signature; both modules would need to be the exact same part# and revision.


The module you have just purchased "CMX512-3200 C2 PT XMS3202v1.1 023632 was made in 2002 before the JEDEC spec was ratified for DDR400 and the modules SPD is set the PC-2700 spec. but you should be able to manually configure the MB bios to run the module at its tested setting and frequency as long as you have a 200 FSB COU.

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