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Issue with HX520W


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I bought all the parts for a new computer, spent the last 5hrs putting it all together and double checking everything, so i went to turn it on... and nothing happened. I mean nothing.. not even the LED on the MB came on.


After a few seconds i realised i could hear a 'ticking' sound coming from the PSU. Its a small 'click' that repeats constantly every 0.5secs. Does this mean i got a faulty PSU?


I double checked and the PSU was getting power and all the cables were plugged in correctly, yet no power was getting to the MB. Any help working this out would be much appreciated. The specs for my new computer are below:


Case: Thermaltake - Armor

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6ghz

MB: Gigabyte - GA-965P-DQ6

Ram: OCZ - 2GB DDR2 800mhz

PSU: Corsair - HX520W

Video Card: ATI Radeon x850 XL PE

HD: Seagate - SataII 500GB 7500rpm

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I would suggest unplugging the ATX power (and the 4 pin plug) from the MOBO. Then, you can try "jump starting" your PSU to see if it works or not.




(Pictures courtesy of the Gideon Tech article)


If your PSU is not DOA, it should turn on when you jumper these 2 wires in your ATX plug. No need to run it long, just see if it will come on. Leave something connected to the PSU such as some fans so that it will have a load on it.





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Not that I know of unless you have a set of known good memory and known working CPU. If you have verified all the components somehow, it's a crapshoot. If there is not local shop or a friend to help test the main components, I'd suggest contacting your vendor or the manufacturer for an RMA.



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Hi all,

(sorry for my bad english)

I post here just to say that I've the exact problem of Bizstice: the same PSU, the same MB and the same issue (no power at all for the MB). And the same fact that the PSU is fully functional on my old system.

Maybe there's an incompatibility between the Corsair PSU and the DQ6?:confused: ...or maybe the MBs are DOA?:mad:

Yes we must try with other components known working... But this case is almost strange: not only the same problem with the same components, but the same day too! (past friday):evil:


(sorry for my prolixity:roll: )

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