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Asus P5N32 SLI with 2 pairs of Twin2X2048-6400


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I am having problems running the P5N32-SLI SE Deluxe board with 2 pairs of Twin2X2048-6400. Thats 4 gigs in total (1gb per slot) It posts fine but when trying to install windows I get file not found errors. But if i try to install windows with just one pair (2gb) it works fine without a hitch. Whats going on??? I have tried raising the voltage to 2.0v.


I can run each pair seperatly but not all 4gb together.


I need to run 4gb, please help me.


I have the original bios 0204 and running a E6600.

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Kelxin please start another thread since 1066MHZ is another isssue, but no way this mobo will run the ddr frequency at 1066MHZ. As for 4 modules installed, I do not no of any users that have been able to run stable at 800MHZ.
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