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Can't see secure partition


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Hi All....


I've browsed the website and found a few threads discussing my problem, but none of them could solve it.


I've got a flash voyager 1Gb. I've partioned it 858Mb + 134Mb.


When I plug in the drive auto pop-up shows just partition 858Mb, so does "my computer". I've tried in a couple of other machines and it is the same. Basically I'd like to have the smaller partition to keep sensitive data. I've also installed TrueCrypt, but still it doesn't work.


Help is very much appreciated....


PS: I've lost the cap of my flash voyager, is there anyway I can get a replacement??

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Hi RamGuy,


I used Corsair's software to create a partition. Apparently once I could mount a drive using TrueCrypt, but it didn't prompt me for a password to get access to the drive.


Should I format flash voyager and create a partition with TrueCrypt?


Many thanks,

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Windows now recognises both partitions on my flash voyager :laughing: However, it doesn't prompt for a password. I want to have a small partition to keep keepass DB+passkey and confidential info....


How can I setup a password????



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