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TWINX2048-8500C5 module headache


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I purchased the TWINX2048-8500C5 modules because they were advertised rated at 1066Mhz speed as reported on the modules, in the advetising and even to MaximumPC magazine who used them in their Dream Machine 06' and CORSAIR lists them as "excellent overclockers" however I have been unable to run reliably at anything above 800Mhz.


Setup: NEW ASUS P5N32-SLI Premium (NOT the deluxe etc.)

this is ASUS' new board.


Memory setting are all forced to manual in the bios.MEM speed selected to 1066 and timings all manual set to per corsairs list and the ratings directly on the modules.


System will not post at the rated 1066Mhz although this new motherboard supports mem speeds from 533 through 1600Mhz.


I lowered the speed down to 1000Mhz and the system will post but MEMTEST86+ reports errors while testing. The only speed I was able to post and run MEMTEST reliably at was 880Mhz for the RAM.


Yes I tried increasing the latency levels but they still will not work.


Are the TWINX2048-8500C5 modules NOT really 1066Mhz capable?

Are these modules bad?

Is ASUS to blame?

Anyone else running the new board from ASUS?


Thank you,


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Remember this is the P5N32-SLI "Premium" board.

NOT the deluxe or SE board. ASUS just released this board.


I asked ASUS and the (OC) does not mean overclocking to get that speed. It means you can overclock past 800 for EPP recognized modules.


Officially it supports the following industry SPD speed settings.


533, 677, 800 (The board defaults to recognizing the TWINX2048-8500C5 modules as 800Mhz)



And it supports EPP SLI profiles as the TWINX2048-8500C5 is advertised as having. It supports extended profiles from 800Mhz through 1600Mhz.


But it is not recognizing the TWINX2048-8500C5 modules as being EPP parts.


I have emailed tech support at ASUS to see where the problem may lie.Either improper EPP support on ASUS' side of the house or Corsair.


Are the EPP profiles built into the modules along with the JEDEC profiles? Just how does an EPP SLI module get recognized as such by boards that support it.


Again by the manufacturer the board supports JEDEC SPD settings 533, 677 and 800 and it supports EPP profiles from 800-1600.



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No I am sorry this MB will not support it! The options may be there in the bios but we have not been able to over clock this MB above about 1000 Mhz!


I guess ASUS has some serious 'splainin' to do then. They pumped up this board to explicitly support EPP SLI profiles and if it truly can't support them then they're going to have a buttload of returns.


I also couls only test to about 1000Mhz and even around 900Mhz the memory access seems screwed up posting throughput under SisoftSandra Lite 2007 of only around 5700 Megabytes a second.


So can you tell me of ANY LGA 775 board that I can use to achieve the bench testing of 1066Mhz that Cosair did with these modules?



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  • Corsair Employees

With Intel not really with out over volting every thing! But the Intel I965 Chipset has the best chance.


And the EPP settings is there in the bios but it only seems to work with AM2 platform. I think its there because they used the same reference bios.

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