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I'm wondering if Corsair RAM is compadable with my motherboard.


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Hi all,


I am thinking about going with some new Corsair RAM. I'm not sure if it's compadable with my motherboard. I did a search and XFX mobo's didn't come up with the Via chip. I am running an older AMD 2700+ ( thouroughbred core) CPU. Well i'm not a hundred percent sure my motherboard is dual channel capable. Here is what the manuel states, and i'm kind of worried about the voltage.



The mainboard uses double data rate dual inline memory modules (ddr dimm). It has two 184-pin dimm sockets which support 2.5V ( power level) single sided or double sided pc2100 (ddr266), pc2700(ddr333), or pc3200(ddr400) ddr dimm modules up to 2gb.


I'm concerned about the 2.5V issue seeing how alot of modules I see are rated higher. I was thinking of going with something like this.


Corsair TWINX1024-3200C2 1GB DDR400 XMS3200

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Thanks Ram Guy i'm currently running Kingmax at 400 I believe. That's what it says when I boot up( Bios set to spd). I don't understand why the manuel states 2.5v. I can go higher? I may go with the Corsair Valueline instead. I just want something rock stable ,and a gig would be fast enough for me i'm thinking. I was gonna get just get a one gig stick, and then I heard it was better to run in dual channel. Which is what i've been doing, but one stick went bad on me. I spent hundreds of dollars on media, and drives trying to figure out why I was getting artifacts in my dvd media burns. I know now I pulled one ,and I got one game to install I never could before. The weird thing is pulling the one stick out didn't really slow things down to much if at all. Unless the stick went bad real early on me. I've been getting bad rips for about a year. So I guess I just answered that. With the bad stick in the motherboard I can still go online, rip, encode, burn, play newer games. It's just faulty on rips, and some games will get a CRC error, or corrupted file alert. I just started using memtest86 and ran it for 9 hours at least with no errors with the susposed good stick. I am just looking into Prime95, and just frequently started using Everest. Priceless programs I wished I would have had awhile back. So that's about that, but I would like to get ddr400 if possible. Still though stability and long lasting RAM at a good price is my ultimate goal. I heard if RAM can handle 1T command it's a little better also.
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