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Problem with 1 stick of CMX1024-3200


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I haven't run any test software, the problem seems pretty clear. I have had dual channel CMX1024-3200 for the last year or so, and a couple of weeks (yes I am just now getting around to working on it) ago Windows crashed and wouldn't boot, I get a fatal error blue screen when trying to boot in normal or safe mode. Sometimes it just sits on the blue screen, and other times it just blinks a blue screen and reboots.


To make a long story short, I started removing things and booting and didn't get anywhere until I took out one of the sticks of RAM and it booted fine again. I then swapped out the "working" one with the one I had just taken out (so now I have the suspect stick of RAM in the A1 slot on the board where the working one was, and no other RAM on the board) and I get the same fatal errors and can't boot windows anymore. The BIOS is recognizing the RAM when I have it in.


I tried reloading windows, on the small chance it would fix something, but I have the same problem when I put the suspect stick back in by itself or with other RAM in any of the proper slot configurations my board allows. I guess I should also point out that I couldn't reload windows with the suspect memory stick installed, it would crash very soon after it started copying files. When I took it out Windows installed fine.


I upgraded the BIOS, once again on a small chance that it would do something, but I still have the same problem.


Anyway, the warranty section on the website said I should post here before I submit an RMA, so here you go.

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