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P5N32 SLI and XP 64 really slow. Mem Timing??


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How can I diagnose and correct for a sluggish xp 64 pro system?


TWIN2X2048 6400 (4G) total. Asus had me pull all sticks out except for B1 and reboot, then set timings to Corsair specs.. 5 5 5 12 There are six settings on MB and four numbers timing settting on the memory? How do I set tRC and Address Mode?


Intermittently this system is fast. for a half hour it is fast then dogs down and almost stops in all applications.


With one stick it was faster, but I did not run it long. CPU is shown maxed out and hardly any memory is being used.


What could be wrong?

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You could be killing that power supply. Isn't that a 480w model? Also, when your system slows down take a look at it with CPU-Z. And, also when it slows, take a look at ASUS Probe to see what the voltages are doing.


Also, I assume that is a clean install of Windows?



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I am running a 650W supply, yes the twin cards recommend 450.


In putting in only two stick of ram it is fine, 3 slow, 4 crawls. Asus thinks it may be Northbridge. Sending back. Seems real fast, Sandra Si shows it healthy and one of the fastest.

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