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TwinX CMX512-4400C25PT Problem


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I've got 2 of these modules for more than 1 year, which worked perfect @250 Mhz. But for 1 month now I've got many crashes of windows programs, blue screens, when i start prime95 or occt it tells me i've got a hardware problem and the tests didn't succeed...


I didn't think it was the memory as the 2 modules had no errors with memtest (40 pass @ 250 Mhz), but today i tried only 1 module: works perfect and the torture test (prime95 and occt) was a success, but for the other module windows has many difficulties to load, and when it happens there's a blue screen in the few next seconds :sigh!:


I've tried @200Mhz with more voltage but no differences with this module.

The timings have always been 2.5 4 4 8, in the bios cpu's voltage is 1,6V, DDR voltage @ auto or 2.85V (max available). PAT was activated, others performances modes were disable.


i'm waiting for your advice.


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I tried these settings @ 200 and it works fine, but not higher.


With one stick i've got blue screens at start up, i launched prime95 (blend test) and occt: as you can see the test doesn't work



occt: i chose the memory test: hardware failure too:



now with the same stick occt: cpu test: it works



you can see i'm only @ 220mhz: timings: 2.5 4 4 8 @ 2,75 V


Now with the other stick: i'm @ 250 Mhz 2.5 4 4 8 @ 2,75 V and it works pefect (as it always did), the cpu worked @ 260Mhz in the past with the same configuration



so i think one of the stick has problems :(

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