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Two 1GB Corsair SDs, two different capacities, why?

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I have one each of 66x and 133x 1GB Corsair SD memory cards. I know 1GB doesn't result in a 1GB of usable space, but my two cards differ in capacity by about 25MB.


The total capacity on 66x card is reported as 976MB and the 133x card is reported as 953MB. They have both been formatted in my Canon digital camera. Why is this?


That's like reduction in capacity by 10 pictures at 5MP on my camera.

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  • Corsair Employees

The total size of the SD card 60X Verses 133X will differ because of the way they are built, so that is normal.


From Corsair Engineering!

The net effect of these differences is that the 60x part has more available memory. But we have no choice but to use the controller we do in order to get the speed we need. We are sacrificing space efficiency for speed.

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