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Memory timing changes

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I've read a bunch of guides on how to OC your memory, but am unsure if I'll see much of a performance gain by changing my timings, and I'm not exactly sure how to go about it. Stock speeds are quoted as 5-5-5-15.




As with CPU/video card overclocking, adjusting the memory timings should be done methodically and with ample time to test each adjustment.


lower figures = better performance, but lower overclockability and possibly diminished stability.


higher figures = lesser performance, but increased overclockability and more stability -- to an extent


tRCD & tRP are usually equal numbers between 2 and 4. In tweaking for more overclockability, lower tRP first between these two


CAS should be either 2.0 or 2.5. Many systems, most nforce2, fail to boot with a 3.0 setting or have stability problems. CAS is not most critical of the various timings, unlike what is taught by many. In general, the importance of CAS when placed against tRP and tRCD is nominal. Reducing CAS has a relatively minor effect on memory performance, while lower tRP & tRCD values result in a much more substantial gain. In other words if you had to choose, 3-3-2.5 would be better than 4-4-2.0 (tRCD-tRP-CAS)


tRAS should always be larger the before mentioned timings. – see below










Memory voltage is currently at 2.2. If you guys recommend lowering the timings, do I just slowly start stepping down from the 5-4-4-15 that it's at now? Such as 4-3-3-14? Or smaller steps, like 4-4-4-15?


Or is there another(better) way to do this?

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