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AW9D-Max - What Corsair Ram ?


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Time to spend obcene amounts on a new Rig...


So im thinking Intel again,E6600 and I belive abit is the way to go ( again)...Although im wondering about the D975XBX2...


My question, as im on a limited budget - will these sticks do ?

Corsair TWIN2X 6400C4 DDR2, 2048MB CL4 (http://www.komplett.no/k/ki.asp?sku=321028)


or will they limit the max oc i can get on air ?


( I prefer to run the ram 1:1 )


Annyone have this Ram, the E6600 with AW9D-Max? - Can i run into anny issues?


Any thoughts appreciated!





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The configuration you are asking about is exactly what I am running now and Have Over Clocked to 3.47gig FSB of 385 and memory set to a 1:1 multiplier. Voltage for DDR2 at 2.35 and SPD set to default 4-4-4-12


It runs clean and stable at that setting running Seti@Home 24/7 with 100% CPU usage.


AW9D, Conroe 6600, TEC Peltier cooler, Aspire PSU 680 watts.


Check my PC specs for more info

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