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To RAMGUY, Unsure if my stick is damaged, and unsure how does the warranty apply here


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(NOTICE: I Mailed Express support too, but just incase, I'm posting it here too)


I Have a question about one of my Twin2X2048-6400C4 Modules.


Today I Replaced my motherboard so I had to remove my memories from the old motherboard and replace them on the new one, while doing it, I Pressed on one of the modules like you always need to press in order to get her well seated in the ram socket, after a second or two I found out that the little hole in the middle of the ram stick [whatever you call it] was not on the right side [it was below the little divider in the middle of the ram socket], so apperantly I've put pressure on the ram stick itself, and i'm afraid that I in someway have caused damage to it, although the PC is fine and I do not sense any performence loss while playing games or anything.


Oh and the pressure I've put on the RAM Stick only caused a slight 'scratch' but it didn't reach the copper bars line, only the lower flat wood line (That is infact the PCB of the stick), that scratch is insignificant aswell though, I can measure it by less than a cantimeter...


So I'm just wondering if it still MAY have caused damage to it? This module is brand new I still have its box...(its been used for less than a month) -BTW It was bought directly from Newegg


OH and also I wanted to know how does the warranty apply to such things?





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Memories passed through 4 out of 10 cycles of Memtest 86 [2hours of memtest on default test settings] with 0 Errors. ECC Off.


So no Memtest errors... but im still a little worried as there IS a very little physical scratch on the module..



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