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Noisy pump?


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am I the only one with a noisy pump?


I wanted to finally make my system really silent with a water cooling kit, and this one seemed fine for that purpose. I also replaced the standard fan of the Nautilus 500 with a SilenX one which is barely audible. I can make out a slight difference when switching from 7V to 12V mode but that is really silent anyways.


What really annoys me is a rather high pitched sound coming from the Nautilus and it is not the fan. So I suppose it's the pump. That sound is a lot louder than the fan, it is even louder than my system was before using the Nautlius (I had non-stock fans on cpu and gpu).


Does everybody have that, or is it just me? Does the pump of my Nautilus have a problem? Is there anything I can do about it (eg. replace the pump, if yes, which one would fit?) or do I have to live with that noise?


Don't get me wrong, the system works fine, I also cool the gpu with it without problems, heat is low (37-45°C), it's just the noise that kills it for me.


I hope someone can answer some of my questions...

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