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TWIN2X2048-8500C5: Impossible to OC?


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Hi RAM Guy. Hope that you can help. I'm attempting to peform a modest OC with Corsair's 8500C5 with no luck; very frustrating, given the cost. MB: Asus P5W64-WS Pro. Processor: Conroe Core 2 Duo 6700. Power Supply: PC P&C 1KW. You will find the specs in my footer. In 10 click increments, I increased FSB to 366 MHz. I'm able to boot at that speed (and at 400), but it crashes after running Orthos for a second or two. Please assist. Others are easily hitting 4.3 GHz running stable.


Other settings: CPU frequency at 366 MHz; DRAM @ 722; Memory 2.20V; CPU vCore 1.525; FSB Termination 1.50V; MCH 1.60V; ICH 1.20V (have tried both auto and manual settings on these three chipset voltages, FSB term, ICH & MCH); Enhanced C1, disabled; CPU Internal Thermal Control (tried both auto and disabled); Virtualization Tech, disabled; Hyperpath, disabled; DRAM Throttling Threshold, disabled.


Thanks in advance for any help. :confused:

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