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Corsair TwinX, XMS2 Pro, DDR2 PC4300 Custom Timings needed?


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Hi all


Please can anyone help me. I'm a n00b & I can't get 166mhz OC stable on the my Asus P5B kit with the above ram. I've removed & purified with Artic Silver 5 which has reduce temps by 8

degrees c, updated to lastest bios 0701.


How do I get this Pentium D 805 stable above stock 133mhz?


1. I first increased to 166mhz, wndow boots fine, Prime95 restarts my PC after an hour though. I then increased CPU vCore up from stock 1.3120V to 1.3125v only to get a BSOD on next restart.


2. So at 166mhz left CPU vCore at stock voltage & increase ram from 553mhz to 664mhz but got no windows [ram LED's stayed on red!]?


Where do I go from here?I've read tens of OC'ing articles including NoAffinity's OC'ing guide & Toms hardware's D 805 but until you've gain experience you feel unsure. This my 1st intel for 10yrs.


According to NoAffinity's guide I could loosen RAM timings. But where do I get the four sets of data from to go tighter or looser? Isn't there a maths equation or table I can refer to for my specific ram for CAS etc? Foolishly I bought the ram on it's best CAS 3 & best price for ddr2 4300. It was the only ram with CAS 3-3-3-8 so I bought them, was this a poor choice?


I'm sure there are other P5B + D 805 [considered good for OC'ing] OC'ers out there, please get in touch, please.


ps. I'm seriously thinking of watercooling with the Swiftech H20 Apex Ultra Watercooling Kit, any thoughts on this kit?

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