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4x512MB in Dual Channel config not work?


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After reading some items on this forum, it is becoming apparent that I made a mistake in attempting to put 4 512MB sticks of DDR Dual Channel into my K8N Neo2 Platinum system board.


At any rate, I will ask the question, anyway... I am attempting to put two sticks of Dual Channel DDR TWINX1024-3200C2PT on the same board that already has TWINX1024-3200XLPT. It will not POST.


I have tried putting the 4 sticks in different configurations, according to the manual, but it's just doesn't seem to work:


* put 2 x 2 into the system... PGPG (Purple Green Purple Green)

* put 2 x 2 into the system... PPGG


Anyone familiar with the board will know what I'm speaking of, but I am trying not to send this RAM back and get hit with a 15% restocking fee. I guess I should have read this board before jumping in!


Ideas? Suggestions? Thoughts?


- Speedi

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