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Sticks n' slots


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This is about the twinx 2048-3200c2 2gb pair.

I started having a total meltdown, which was miraculously resolved after pulling and testing my sticks.

All seems/seemed well now but only if I put the sticks in "a-b" slots, not "b-a".

Also, only one stick will let me test, boot, or use it in slot a, whereas the other won't work at all alone, in either slot. Yet it works in conjunction with the "good", testable stick, if in that correct slot.

Whaddaya think this all means?

They seem to show up correctly together in cpu-z, etc. and memtest fine together, but that one stick won't work alone in the very same slot that the other works fine alone.

Thanks !


EDIT - that wasn't meant to sound sexual - title.

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