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620w causing bsod and and gpu shutdown


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I have had the 620w powersupply installed for about a week now, and I have had nothing but problems.

I replaced a 500w antec that came with my case, I left all settings in the bios and system the same, I orderd a 1900 crossfire edition card to go crossfire so I assumed, buying an sli ready powersupply would be a good idea. I have not Installed the crossfire card yet because...on the single 1900xtx...


After installing this 620w powersupply, checked the votages on pc probeII

12.04v 3.31v 4.98v idle

11.98v-11.92v 3.31v 4.95v load

(not what the reviews promised, but then again its pcprobe so who knows)


Problems consist of BSOD in games after an 10mins to a couople hours of play,

Blackscreen on the monitor I guess this is the gpu shutting down. which requires a reboot.

The CPU temps never gets above 44c and the gpu can reach 80c without an artifact and its shutting down at the mid 50's range while playing games.


I've had the 500w antec powering this system for 4 months at the same settings without ever seeing a problem or a BSOD, Ive 12 hour primed and looped 3dmark05 and 06 without a crash or a freeze, memtested over and over, I know this system is stable.

How can a 500w antec power my system without a glitch but the 620w cant even keep it stable with a single gpu, when it's supposed to be sli ready.


Is this powersupply faulty or is this what I should expect from your powersupplies? Please Advise(sincerly frustrated)


System config:

AMD 4800+ x2 @ 2700mhz

OCZ el platnum 2x1gig 450ddr

Ati 1900xtx 725/832

2x WD74gb raid 0

Samsung dvdr

Samsung syncmaster 19in lcd

Sunbeam fan controller/with 3 fans

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  • Corsair Employee

Is this powersupply faulty or is this what I should expect from your powersupplies? Please Advise(sincerly frustrated)


A power supply is overall a very simple device, it can't really cause BSODs unless something is severely wrong with it. If you have this problem, my first suggestion is to double check that all connections are solid and nothing is loose. If that's all well and good, RMA the power supply to us, as it might be faulty.


Our PSUs are tested extensively on a variety of hardware before they're even shipped, but it is possible one slipped through.


It is also possible that you have had another hardware failure, the most likely of which is a memory failure from the symptoms you've posted. If this were my computer I'd swap out component by component to see which one has failed. The chances of this being caused by the PSU are very small.

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Im going to replace the powersupply with the 500w antec and test my system again before I RMA this product.


Im almost certain that the gpu is not recieving enough power, becouase its the first thing to shutdown. I will get a black screen with flashing monitor light(no signal) but my computer does not lock up. I can still use mouse and keyboard to navigate the OS and games, I can hear sounds still playing, but there is no signal from the gpu.


Any idea if ATitool's Power consumption readout is accurate becouase if it is my gpu is comsuming 40.9a at peak load, thats 490 watts, seems crazy to me. Average about 5.5a at 2dclocks idle, and overclocked 3dclocks 10a idle, and avegrage consumption anywhere between 13a-35a during game play. If these numbers are correct dont most powersupplies only out put anywhere from 15-18a on the 12vrail?


When I compare the antec 500w with 2 12v rails instead of the 3 on the corsair 620 that would have me wondering if the power was envenly distributed on the 2 12v rails on the 500w antec that would be 250w per rail and on the corsair it would be 200.6w, maybe that extra 50w avalability on the antec is what kept my gpu stable?


You said that these powersupplies are extensively tested on a variety of hardware anychance it was tested on an overclocked x1900xtx and a overclocked x2 4800 cpu, 2 10krpm hardrives in a raid 0, 3 5600rpm tornado fans with on a fan controller? Or similar.


Any idea's?

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Well, installed old Antec 500w, guess what, all symptoms that the corsair was exhibiting are gone no bsod no blackscreen no gpu shut down no frozen computer.


I even decided to tax the power supply by multitasking as many thing I could, I cranked up the speed to all my fans to max them out I started playing a cd, ran Everquest 2 at max settings, loadup a bunch of web pages, ran pc probe, gpu is under alot of stress at the moment pushing out about 3 fps becouse of the immense load on it, almost all of my 2 gigs of memory are being used. (72c, 35.5a-38.8a) (cpu at 43c)

Sure I seen a larger drop in voltage on the 12v than the corsair but it didn't crash not once not even a flinch.


Still think its memory problems?

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  • Corsair Employee
There is no problems with our PSU and that MB we have tested that MB with no problem, when you changed the PSU's did you reset your bios and load setup defaults? If not you might try that. Or if you can test our PSU on another system to be sure?
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