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1 Dead Stick Of XMS4400Pro


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Just After An RMA Post ID So I can send it back.


I have a matched pair of twinX 4400Pro Ram modules, of which only one gives me a post and a boot.


The module that normally sits in row 4 gives me the single tone that dictates a ram fault, I've moved it to row 2 to test it on its own and all i get is that error tone and no post even with the bios set to super slow defaults.


My rigs fine with the module that normally sits in row 2 and i get a post and a good boot too.



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I've just recieved my "replacement" ram through the post straight from Corsair and i'm wondering what the Bloomin 'ell I'm supposed to do with this ****** you sent back!?!


I sent you £230 worth of XMS-4400-PRO (2Gb Matched Pair), And you've replaced it with some cheap CMX512-4400C25PT (1Gb Unmatched Two Singles).


Where's my Ram - Ram Guy??


Oh and so much for the 72Hour turn around time. That 72Hrs was up 408Hrs ago!!


C'mon Corsair, You've got a reputation to keep!


The wheels on, GTR2's in the drive, an i aint got no ram man :eek:

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