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Seems one of my DIMMs went bad


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I built a new rig early this year, using all brand new parts from Newegg.com. Here is the run down of what is in my PC:


Mobo: Gigabyte GA-K8N Pro-SLI

Proc: AMD Athlon 64 XP 4200+

Mem: Corsair XMS 2 GB (2x1GB) 3200C2PT

Video: Dual eVGA Nvidia 7800GT in SLI mode

PSU: OCZ ModStream 520W

Sound: On board

OS: XP Pro


So here is the problem. PC worked great for a couple months, extremely fast playing BF2, FEAR, Doom3, etc. Had a few issues with Nvidia drivers after one of their updates, and that has been resolved. About a month or so ago, I turn my PC on and it comes up to the dreaded "Last Known Good" question. I try everything to get the OS to boot with no luck. Resigned, I try to reinstall the OS, and I get a blue screen while it is loading the setup files. This happens repeatedly, and I really start to worry that something major is wrong.


I took out one of the 7800GTs and try again. Same result, blue screen during windows setup. Turn the PC off and take out one of the DIMMS. Installation goes through with no problem. Once Windows is re-installed, I shut down and pop the 7800GT back in and power on. Good to go, and I get SLI mode running again. Shut down, put in the other DIMM, and as soon as I power on, it comes to the "Last Known Good" option again. Turn the PC off, take that DIMM out, and the PC works fine. So no for the past month or so, the PC has been running with 1gb of RAM and has had no problems at all. But if I install that other DIMM it will kill it immediately. Is there anything I can try, or do I just have a bad DIMM here?

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