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3200XLPRO does not like my new 4800+ processor


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Here's the original setup that had no problems-


DFI NF4 Ultra D Bios 3/10/05

A64 Winchester 3000+

Corsair PC3200XLPRO 2-2-2-5 (boots as 2-3-2-5 for some reason)

XP-90 heatsink

WD 74gig Raptor on SATA channel 2

NEC 3550 DVD burner on IDE 1

BFG 6800 GT with NV5 Silencer

NeoPower 480 watt

No Case -board mounted to Plexiglass on 1" standoffs - It sits on my


All 4 power connectors plugged into board


Here's the problem.


Before I installed a new AMD X2 4800+ processor I downloaded the latest

official BIOS from the DFI website BIOS 4/06/06. I flashed the Bios and

booted up on the 3000+ and everything is normal. Played a few mins of

Doom 3 and everything is fine.

I then installed the new 4800+ processor and cleared the CMOS. I

started the system and entered the Bios to check temp and it was 38deg C. I

then set to Optimum and saved and rebooted the system. After reboot, it

sees the 4800 just fine and acts as if it will boot normal but stops

right after the PCI config table and I never see Verifying DMI. It simply

reboots every time it gets to this point. It pauses for about 5 seconds

after the PCI table then it reboots.


Things I have done to solve the problem.

Reset the cmos

Reseated the memory

Removed the Audigy2 sound card

Relaxed the memory timing to 3-3-3-8 then 4-4-4-12

Reseated all power connections

Reseated the CPU

Unplugged the SATA connector to the hard drive - never gets to boot


Set all memory timings to auto in the Bios

Raised vcore to 1.4 then 1.5

Memory @ 2.80V then 2.85V


The CPU will boot up into windows and run just fine if I lower the CPU

multi to 11 and raised the memory setting to 250 for 2750 Mhz. It will

not however run at the 12 x 200 setting for 2400. Just reboots or Blue

screens and reboots while loading Windows.


I ran memtest overnight for 7 plus hours and had 18 passes with no

failures while at 10 x 200 settings. I then raised the multi to 12 with

the memory at 200 for the normal 2400Mhz and ran memtest again and in 15

min I had over 1700 errors. I did not right down the exact number of

failures but this is close to the number. I never had ANY issues with

this setup for over a year with the 3000+.

I took the CPU back to the vendor and had them test the CPU for

problems. CPU tests out perfect. I then installed a single stick of Corsair

value select PC 3200 and boot the system @ 12 x 200 and ran memtest

with no problems. The system runs perfect with the cheap memory but will

not run at normal cpu speed with my 3200xlpro memory. Simply will not boot

with this memory at the normal settings.


What do I do with this memory???

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I have installed the old 3000+ cpu with this memory and ran memtest and it passed flawlessly even OC'ed (200 then 250).

I installed the new 4800+ cpu with differant memory (PC 3200 value select) and ran memtest and it performed flawlessly.


I installed the XMS 3200XLPRO with the 4800+ @ 12 x 200 and it fails (over 1700 errors in 15 mins) even @ 2.75V, 2.80V or 2.85V. If I lower the multi to 11 and ram to 200 or 250 it passes flawlessly. This is unacceptable. Can't help but think the memory is bad since some cheap memory can run the system default speed but the XMS cannot.


I have not run them separately yet, but I will test shortly and report back. I'll even change memory slots to check for a board problem.


Remember this memory was advertised to post 2-2-2-5, that's why I bought it becuase it was the best. Now it posts at 2-3-2-5 and if I force the 2-2-2-5 I have random crashes. I've purchased this memory back on 11/9/05 and it did run at the rated setting of 2-2-2-5 for about six months but changed on it's own.

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That would suggest some other problem; I would suspect the PSU from what you have posted. And the Video card you have requires 18 amps on the 12 Volt rail for the Video card. Does your PSU meet the Requirements of your Video card? And or can you test these modules in a different system?
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Yes the Power supply has 2 - 18amp rails. The videocard shares with the hard drive and the DVD which I never use. The motherboard has one rail to herself. This board requres 4 differant power connectors for stabilty. I plan on a newer power supply with 4 - 18amp 12V rails to help eliminate any future problems.


I beleave I have found my problem. The DFI forum tells everyone to install their memory in slots 2 and 4 which they were and this is where the problem lies. I moved 1 stick to dimm 1 and removed the second stick and tested each module. Each dimm pasted 30 min testing without errors. I then tested for an hour with both dimms installed. I will be running memtest overnight to check for errors. The memory seems to be fine in slot 1 and 3. It's currently stable at 12 x 225. but I haven't fully tested this setting.


Now why did my 2-2-2-5 memory start being recogized at 2-3-2-5? Does this occur normally with age? You think this might be another board issue?

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I have different DFI LanParty motherboard. According to several web site, DFI motherboards are really picky about memory module.


My TwinX1024-3200XLPT produced a lot of memtest error, but Corsair Value memory is ok. Ballistix PC4000 also produced a lot of memtest error at DDR500 speed.


Mine is DFI LanParty UT nF3 Ultra-D. CMX512-3200C2 x2 is ok at upto 230MHz. Kingston Value RAM 512MB x2 produced error also.


Due to this problem, I spent more than 6 months... I send motherboard to DFI and I switched memory..

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