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I am having the same issue. The systems "blinks out" repeatedly with out warning. Microsoft error reporting states that it is a problem with a device driver. Sometimes it says that it is the video driver. I tried updating the nvidia driver from the XFX website , but the problem seemed to get worse. I also tried a beta version of the nvidia driver to no avail. Microsoft recommends turning off hardware acceleration. But that sort of defeats the purpose of buying such an expensive card. :(:


I was wondering if the problem is related to the excessive heat from the portion of the chipset being passivly cooled by the red heatsink. Is that the north or south bridge? If you touch it you will get scorched. I am going to order additional fans to cool down the mobo and see if that helps.


I've also read about the board having issues with the 800mhz 6400 memory at only 2.1 volts. I've checked for bios updates from Asus and found none.


I am also experimenting with removing various software and drivers related to other devices (sound card, TV tuner, etc.) in an attempt to identify the cause of the problem.

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