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Revision 5.1 vs. 1.1 PC6400 XMS2 cm2X1024 5-5-5-12


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I would like to add another 2GB to my system. The memory that I have are Corsair Twin 2x1024-6400 modules (XMS6405v5.1, 5-5-5-12, XMS2-6400). The memory that I see pictured on NewEgg has the same specs except that the revision version is 1.1 (XMS6405v1.1). The $50 rebate makes me suspicious that this is old inventory that needs to moved out. What is the difference (negatives/positives) to the two revisions? I am running an Intel D975XBX board which had recognized my current memory "automatically" in the BIOS with no tweaking. Will I run into a problem with revision 1.1? Should I try to buy revision 5.1?

I would be very appreciative for your kind reply. Thank you.


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1. It's never recommended to mix revisions.


2. The picture that shows 1.1 has no correlation to the version they're selling. It's just a pic of the memory in general. It's a pic of v1.1 because that's the first version that was out, ergo the one they took a picture of to represent the part number in their store.


3. The version number does not contain any information about when the memory stick was made.


4. Most retailers (including NewEgg) will not specify the version of the memory they have in stock, and when asked will not go through their memory just so you get a specific version. They are selling a part that meets certain specs; the version # / lot # / ICs used is of no concern to them (and rightly so).


5. The version #s do not contain enough information to specify the differences between them. The only differences in two sticks with the same part number would be the IC used to make them. If you post in the IC Inquiry Thread Ram Guy can tell you what IC was used, HOWEVER, you MUST IGNORE the picture on any retailer's website, as it is never a pic of the exact memory in stock. Only trust the information on the label if you have it in your hand!

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