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VS256MB400 4 dimm problem


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I have an MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum motherboard,

Athlon 64 3200+ Winchester 939 pin,

MSI NX6600GT-TD128E, Antec Truepower-430.

4 dimms of VS256MB400 (all same lot number).


This computer has always had lock up problems doing easy things like dragging a window, printing from some programs, surfing some websites like forums with motion gifs. Certain websites will always lock it up. Someone tested it with "Heavy Load" and found the problem.

Turns out that running 4 dimms of ram all together is the problem!


I used memtest86 with ram only in slots 1&2 then only in 3&4 (both are dual channel arrangements) and then with all 4 slots filled. With all 4 filled it goes to dual channel, no choice in bios. Memtest86 did not show any error with ANY of the tests. But the computer does NOT lock up using only slots 1&2 or 3&4. Very intersting.


Bios set to 2.5,3,3,8, Command rate 2T, Vdimm 2.65

Is there a reason with this value ram that it has a problem using 4 dimms in dual channel ? What is best voltage to set? How can i find out the complete SPD info for this RAM ? Would command rate 1T be more stable than 2T ? Which is faster ? What timing, etc can i change to make it more stable with 4 dimms ? S/W and H/W memory hole remapping are set to off. Would turning those on do any good ?


Thanks a lot.

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