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Possible Bad dual channel kit module


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Windows XP recently crashed with me after reporting that it had recovered the registry. After the crash, it would simply reboot over and over while trying to start. Sometimes it would give a stop error. I tried to reinstall Windows, thinking some files might be corrupt. The setup would report over several times that some files could not be copied. I though the CD was scratched so I had it buffed but that didn't help either. One time though, setup crashed with a stop error for MEMORY_MANAGER. I then removed one of my modules and setup went through without a hitch. I believe this one memory module is bad


I have had some trouble with programs running slow and crashing before this and even outputting unuseable files, such as movies. My main question is when I send the memory in for warranty, will I have to send in both modules since they were bought as a match set?

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ok, I got the works for you, first, CPU info:

AMD Athlon 64 3000+


Cpu operating range - Default

CPU FSB - 200Mhz

Multiplier - 9x

PCIe Clock - 100Mhz


Voltages Control - Default

CPU Core - 1.4v

DDR Ram - 2.6v

DDR Ref - -60mv

nForce4 voltage - 1.5v

HyperTransport - default



Now the RAM settings:

DRAM Clock - DDR400

CAS - 2.0

Row Cycle - 12 clocks

Row Refresh - 14 clocks

Min. RAS Active Time - 6 clocks

RAS to CAS Delay - 3 clocks

Ras precharge Delay - 3 clocks

RAS to RAS delay - 2 clocks

Write recovery time - 3 clocks

Write to Read delay - 2 clocks

Read to Write delay - 4 clocks

DRAM command rate - auto

Read preamble - auto

Max async latency - auto

Bank interleaving - enabled

Burst length - 4 beats

DRAM drive strength - normal drive

Force 64-bit mode always - enabled

R/W Queue bypass counter - 8

Bypass max - 4

idle cycle limit (ILD_Lmt) - 16 cycles

Dynamic idel cycle count - enabled

MTRR mapping mode - continuous

32-bit Dram memory hole - auto

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I just got through running memtest on both modules, here are the results:


Module 1:


Tst Pass Failing Address Good Bad Err-Bits Count


7 0 0015b7dd28 - 347.8 MB 37cdc37a 37cd437a 000080000 7



Module 2:


System failed to boot


side note: my board only allowed Dram voltage of 2.6, 2.65, 2.7, and 2.8 (there are some higher and lower)

I had it set to 2.7V

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Let's get them or it replaced. Please follow the link in my signature “I think I have a bad part! Or *New* Tech Support Express” and we will be happy to replace them or it, please note that you are posting from the forum!
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