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Bad TWINX CMX512-4400C25PT v1.1


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Ive had this matched pair of 4400C25PT for awhile now and after a year or so of flawless operation one stick has gone bad. Memtest 86+ reports errors almost immediately for one of the two sticks. The other stick is fine and is still running ok.


I already RMA'd the pair on your site but lost the RMA email while formatting HD (HD Corruption due to ram). Can i re-enter a RMA for this product again or do i have to contact CORSAIR so that they can refresh my RMA?


Also i was wondering if you have any type of policy that would allow me to pay in advance for a RMA replacement and then send in my defective pair since i have no ram backup at the moment and really dont want to be without a computer for the duration of the RMA procedure.



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