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Broken cap AND lanyard cable clip


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First of all, I would like to say that I am loving my USB Corsair Flash Voyager 2 GB hard drive =) However, there are two things that are really bothering me about this drive and have at times almost caused me to lose it. Firstly, the cap to the USB drive is very loose, and if it is shaken a little bit, it falls off. This has happened several times before to me when I pull the cable out of my pocket and it is getting very frustrating. May I receive a replacement cap with the same logo (corsair) on it that will not fall off if the usb flash drive moves a lot? Secondly, the lanyard cable that came with the flash drive is fine except one thing. The cap that holds the flash drive has like a little gap between the bottom and top holders (causing the flash drive being able to fall in between the gap and out of the cable's grip). Is there also any way that I can get a new replacement lanyard cable with the corsair logo on it as well? Thanks for all your help.



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