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[204000] RMA Mixup?


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I'll start from the beginning:


I requested an RMA for a ValueSelect 1GB on the 15th September

On the 18th I received a message that RMA was approved, and that I would receive an RMA# in 24 hours, and that I should write a mail if I didn't.

After not having received a RMA# in 2 days, I requested one through mail, which I promptly received. The next day I sent my RAM away.


This was on the 21st, with RMA#151342.


Last week, on the 29th, I received a generated mail:

"[204000] - Tech Support Express - RMA Assigned" - with RMA# 153034!


I've already sent a mail to Tina Markovich (who I received the first RMA# from), but haven't gotten a response yet.


Could someone please help clear up this issue?



Johannes Schneider

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